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        Zhongshan Weitao Trading Co.Ltd






        SKYPE :eric7157

        QQ: 461423419

        Zhongshan Weitao Trading Co.Ltd , found in 2010 , based in Zhongshan City , Guangdong China . our company aimed to provide the quality sanitary ware components ,
        product range from shower enclosure components , bathtub components , Toilet components . all the products are for export only to Europe , North America and Middle

        East .
        Our company meanwhile can offer the punctual and professional OEM service and

        products customized service in design . product range from Shower Enclosure ,

        bathtub , bath furniture , ceramic toilet , ceramic basin and mixer both in brass and

        stainless steel .
        We treasure every inquiry from every customer , and implement the policy for prompt and satisfactory service . we are here looking  forward to cooperating with you soon.


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